Sex At OR Tambo

I adore Johannesburg, Multi racial, everybody has got something great to offer in this vibrant city.Full of entrepreneurs from  the super rich,to the man selling chappies and bananas on his own home made table on a street corner on Rivonia. Jo’burg has  10 months summer,we by far the friendliest people in the country,we the wealthiest city in Africa.
I even love the stigma of the crime rate that’s associated with Jo’burg.

See, when foreigners are in transit they are told that once you leave O.R Tambo airport it’s like a scene of Baghdad, gun shots everywhere and minimum chance of survival .Thankfully they believe this BS,I’m petrified for the day when someone will realise that the crime rate statistics are based on townships and that Sandton is nothing more dangerous than any other major city in the world.

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Escorts in Durban

On the humid coast of Durban, people always need something to distract them from the heat. And sometimes... well sometimes they like to heat things up a bit more with a quick romp with an elite escort in Durban.

I met up with my client, who was looking for a local sex escort in Durban, at the beach front of the promenade, where the car waited for me. I climbed in and greeted my client, Mr Bunny Chow*. He looked me up and down; with a look in his eye that made me well aware this wasn’t his first time with an escort.

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Escort in Johannesburg

I love this job.In fact I love every aspect of this job.The only thing that stands between me and doing this until the day I die ,is age.I even like the fact that I can’t have a relationship because of my job.Im so infatuated with my job that I will stay faithful to my job!

I know society has warped views of a call girl,for instance someone is forcing me to do this,(I love sex—trust me it is consensual )or we getting beaten or forced to have unprotected sex—-but nothing can be further from the truth.The clients are humble,respectful and lovely.

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Escort in Durban - What does men want from escorts?

What does men want from escorts?Why have they been using escorts since the time of the bible?
Some men use escorts because they don’t have time for a real relationship.

Some men are very wealthy and they use escorts just because they can. Because its easier, a simple exchange, without trust or consequence . For the busy always traveling executive, investing in prostitution ,will be the closest thing to a real relationship he will ever get.Indian men on the other hand use escorts just to try forbidden fruit.Doesn’t mean because they won’t jump the colour barrier when it comes to marriage the same rule applies when it comes to sex.

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Escort Cape Town

One of the the the great advantages of being a high class call girl is the traveling aspect.Sometimes abroad,and sometimes it’s just fun to get whisked away to my favourite local city Cape Town.

I got to spend the night at the luxurious,super fancy One and Only. I was awarded a great amount compensation for my company and got treated to a business class return ticket.

As my customer, Robbie, was the mining Indaba I had the whole day for myself.

I spend my day between Clifton beach and the Waterfront shopping mall.

When Robbie returned from his day at the convention centre he took me for dinner.

Robbie is an Australian that made his fortune from the booming mining industry in Perth.

Over dinner Robbie asked me that if he would triple the amount of money that we agreed on, can I fulfill his fantasy— without listening to his request I said absolutely — yes,yes and yes!

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Escort In Pretoria

Blue Bull rugby,Beautiful churches,Purple Jakarandas,Brannas and Coke,pretty girls and well kept woman.
Also plenty of escorts .

And the wonderful husbands do love to indulge in hookers.

I was going to meet Jan-Hendrik at the Sheraton Pretoria just moments form his house.

I saw that he wants to “start with business “. He asked me to kneel . I assumed that he meant doggie style ,and I straightaway pulled my pants down and kneeled. He told me to put it  back on as we are about to pray.WTF? He started praying. Forgive me Father for I’m  about to sin.He explained to God, that his wife is denying his needs and he has no other option than to have paid sex with a prostitute — maybe he forgot that the actual prostitute is in the room,next to him, hearing him — I just kept my eye on the envelope and try not to laugh—

He continued that he respects the 10 commandments and divorce is no option.

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