Escort Cape Town

One of the the the great advantages of being a high class call girl is the traveling aspect.Sometimes abroad,and sometimes it’s just fun to get whisked away to my favourite local city Cape Town.

I got to spend the night at the luxurious,super fancy One and Only. I was awarded a great amount compensation for my company and got treated to a business class return ticket.

As my customer, Robbie, was the mining Indaba I had the whole day for myself.

I spend my day between Clifton beach and the Waterfront shopping mall.

When Robbie returned from his day at the convention centre he took me for dinner.

Robbie is an Australian that made his fortune from the booming mining industry in Perth.

Over dinner Robbie asked me that if he would triple the amount of money that we agreed on, can I fulfill his fantasy— without listening to his request I said absolutely — yes,yes and yes!

He told me to wait a second and listen and then answer.
He first reassured me that our current deal will not be jeopardized if I don’t agree to his fantasy.
Secondly there will be no violence involved.
And lastly was his fantasy —- he wanted to have sex with me, whilst I’m role playing resisting him.
I must pretend I’m having sex against my will— let’s call a spade a spade ,his fantasy was to rape me.
Ok that wasn’t what I was expecting and I am a fierce feminist which will never tolerate violence against woman,but,if we agreed on role playing this scenario we can not exactly call it rape?

Like an actress that’s getting paid to role play a rape scene so will I and I will triple my nights income?
I told Robbie the answer is still yes,and in a sick weird way started looking forward to pop this “rape”cherry of mine.
We agreed on a safeword,”Pochahontas”,we will use this if we either want to stop the scene or reduce the level of intensity.
As we entered the room he ripped my panties of,I was yelling for help,screaming and kicking him off me.He forced his way in to me,I ran toward the door pretending to try and leave the room .Banging on the door,again he forced his way into my super wet pussy…. Unfortunately my pussy is not able to act if she is actually enjoying something …….
Robbie stopped and said “Pochahontas “? And I screamed ” No Pochahontas ,I’m about to cum ,continue raping me!”
We both came simultaneously and then we realized the security is banging on the door.
Putting our robes on we opened the door to four armed security men.
They said that the room next door suspected violence I quickly showed them the condom wrap and explain this is the way we ” do it”.They then insisted to talk to me alone where I had to confirm our story.
When I got back into the room, Robbie who was petrified by then,decided to quadruple the agreed sum of compensation.He followed by making passionate love to me.

Pretending to get raped, was a different experience ,I enjoyed it, however I’m not sure if I will do it again…..