Escort in Durban - What does men want from escorts?

What does men want from escorts?Why have they been using escorts since the time of the bible?
Some men use escorts because they don’t have time for a real relationship.

Some men are very wealthy and they use escorts just because they can. Because its easier, a simple exchange, without trust or consequence . For the busy always traveling executive, investing in prostitution ,will be the closest thing to a real relationship he will ever get.Indian men on the other hand use escorts just to try forbidden fruit.Doesn’t mean because they won’t jump the colour barrier when it comes to marriage the same rule applies when it comes to sex.

But one of the main reasons why most men use call girls…is because they want something their wives or girlfriends can’t offer them.Just a great time with no strings attached.Maybe just a weird fantasy they’ve got that they can not admit to their wives but easily share with an escort.
This is what happened today here in Durban.

Mr.Moosa was very shy on the phone….and when he arrived he continued with a very apologetic approach.His attitude surprised me when I established he is an executive in the banking world.After chatting for a while I realised he wanted a distorted type of S&M sex.I accessed the situation and if it was his fantasy to get humiliated into a third degree,and I was going to help him.And yes I kind off agree its better that ones loved one or wives don’t know that deep down he sometimes craves to get treated like a rubbish bag?

I told Mr.Moosa to get undressed and then put my dogs leash around his neck—
The soles of my beautiful Italian shoes was dirty,and I ordered Mr.Moosa to lick this off.Like a good dog he licked the soles squeaky clean.For a reward I took him to his water bowl filled with red wine,while I was enjoying mine out of a Swarovski glass…There was a split second or so I felt guilty but reminded myself the customer is always right.I gave Mr.Moosa several tasks to perform on his hands and knees (there was a few dirty spots on my floor that required his tongue to polish it)and if I was unhappy with his cleaning skills I pulled the leash tightly until his face turned red.

Mr.Moosa then gave me the sign that he wants me to turn up the violence— I ordered him to bend over and I whipped the living crap out if him , he begged me to stop but I could see his hard cock growing stronger and stronger,which made me decide to start kicking him in the ass with my sharp heel and just there in then he came with a loud pleasure mixed with pain scream.
Gone was pathetic Mr.Moosa,in fact when he left my apartment he left he was the charming , confident, banking executive which the whole of South-Africa looked up to…..