Escort in Johannesburg

I love this job.In fact I love every aspect of this job.The only thing that stands between me and doing this until the day I die ,is age.I even like the fact that I can’t have a relationship because of my job.Im so infatuated with my job that I will stay faithful to my job!

I know society has warped views of a call girl,for instance someone is forcing me to do this,(I love sex—trust me it is consensual )or we getting beaten or forced to have unprotected sex—-but nothing can be further from the truth.The clients are humble,respectful and lovely.

I love the standard of living this job offers me…….travelling abroad in style,eating caviar,drinking the best champagne in the finest restaurants— I never realised I’m such a commodity …..

But most of all,I love the independence —– nothing taste as sweet as independence.
And today, My regular from UK, Rob, asked me to spend Sunday evening at the Saxon hotel with him…..all expenses,massages,etc paid ,plus a healthy amount of compensation—- can life get better?

Rob is very ladida and posh—and was schooled at Eaton of all places.

Rob I will say is kind off boring,and maybe the accent too posh, but Rob is a British God in bed.He knows every point off stimulation ,not too harsh on the clitoris,he even knows the exact position of the G-spot.Even though I caught myself yawning a few times over dinner,I kept reminding myself that once the lights go out Rob will lit me up from the inside and the outside . Rob is a pleaser.

After dinner we made our way up to the penthouse — Rob never seize to meet my my expectations in the bedroom.He slowly removes my clothes and then sensually stroke my nipples over my lingerie, he then drips champagne over my abdomen ,and work his way to my pussy,he literally eats me out,I asked Rob to turn around so I can simultaneously return the favour—he waits until I have a clitoral climax and then penetrate me to spoil me with an internal G-spot orgasm— We make love for several hours –/ and when we eventually fell asleep I had something to look forward to— the morning sex— which sometimes outshines the evening sex!

Monday morning and we going to have breakfast together before we part ways ….. Looking at the formal breakfast meeting from a company that sits across us made me appreciate what I’m doing even more.Stiff upper lips ,no smiles,just pure business — While I still wonder if anyone of these gentlemen has ever had a grin on their face— my clumsy self,dropped my handbag with thousand of Rands ,condoms falling out,and lubrication rolling all over the floor. It was clear as daylight what my purpose of my stay was.Extremely embarrassed I started picking up my money,by this time I could hear the chuckle of the business function table….I got what I was asking for– yep they are laughing — I just feel that I’ve not only embarrassed myself but also Rob.

As I looked up to Rob to apologize, he was blood red but full off giggles…… He told me not to worry ,S.A. is not home for him, and that the shock on everyone’s faces was a great way to end his trip in SA.