Escort In Pretoria

Blue Bull rugby,Beautiful churches,Purple Jakarandas,Brannas and Coke,pretty girls and well kept woman.
Also plenty of escorts .

And the wonderful husbands do love to indulge in hookers.

I was going to meet Jan-Hendrik at the Sheraton Pretoria just moments form his house.

I saw that he wants to “start with business “. He asked me to kneel . I assumed that he meant doggie style ,and I straightaway pulled my pants down and kneeled. He told me to put it  back on as we are about to pray.WTF? He started praying. Forgive me Father for I’m  about to sin.He explained to God, that his wife is denying his needs and he has no other option than to have paid sex with a prostitute — maybe he forgot that the actual prostitute is in the room,next to him, hearing him — I just kept my eye on the envelope and try not to laugh—

He continued that he respects the 10 commandments and divorce is no option.

He asked Gods forgiveness , and thankfully for some mercy on our soles.
There you go — all justified !
We started having sex .have to admit that Jan- Hendrik looked very deprived ,he touch my breasts like its the first time ,he ate my pussy like you would eat a sweet juicy peach and loved every single second of being inside me.
When I realized he is closed to coming I made the mistake of saying “Oh my God come for me baby”—- he lost his hard on — we had to start over again. I can not use the Lords name in vain.

When we were done Jan-Hendrik bragged to me that no one in the whole of Pretoria bakes Vetkoek like his wife and offered me one that his wife packed for him for lunch. She might not be fond of shagging her husband but she sure is a great cook!